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Tooezy connects you with local home service providers, or ‘Providers’ as we call them, by showing you who’s around you in-real time.

We’ve essentially got anything you can think of: gardeners to grazing platters, pool services to pest control, baby to puppy sitters and everything in between.

Open the map to see who’s around you, swipe your perfect match, pick a time that suits you and track them to your door!

Every Provider is vetted according to their service requirements. Trades licenses are mandatory where necessary to practice their service. Providers who pass vetting will have the ‘Tooezy Verified’ badge on their profile.

For Finders, the Tooezy app is completely free to download and use.

On the app: Download Tooezy from the App Store or Google Play and tap ‘Sign up to get started!’. All you need is your email or Facebook to log in. Don’t forget your referral code if you have one.

On the web: The best user experience for you is on our app – it’s free! However, you can also sign up to Tooezy on the web from our home page,

On the app: Select from the services on the home screen or explore the pins around you on the map. Swipe through Provider profiles to see their descriptions, ratings and reviews. You can chat to multiple at a time by clicking ‘Enquire’.

On the web: We suggest that you book your Provider through our app for the best user experience. The app is free!

You can book a service provider on the web by clicking ‘Job requests’ on the left hand panel and then ‘New Job’. Fill out Service Type > Description > Mobile Number > Address and then click ‘Create Job’.

During business hours, Tooezy will manually assign the job to a service provider close to your address within a few minutes (during business hours) and you can chat with them via the ‘Job Requests’ tab.

To request quotes, it is recommended that you use our free app, as opposed to website, to do so. This will give you the best user experience.

To request a quote on the app, simply select your service from the home screen and then swipe left and right to pick a service provider. Hit ‘Enquiry’ to open up a chat with your Provider about a quote. We encourage you to upload photos of the job in case a remote quote is possible to save everyone time!

First, make sure you have verified your account by clicking the link in the email that was sent to you when you signed up. Then, in your app, go to Menu > Refer & Earn. Click the button that says ‘Invite Contacts’ and select the people you would like to refer. When they follow the link you sent, sign up with your referral code and verify their email, you each will be awarded $20 credit to use against your next job.

Once your job has been marked Done, you’ll see a Pay button. Tap this and enter the amount of credits you would like to pay. Easy!

Yep, you’ll need to request another Provider and ask for a quote in the chat, uploading photos if relevant. You can have multiple chats open at once with different Providers.

Go to your Wallet and tap ‘Use’. It’ll automatically apply to the job.

A request or enquiry simply opens up a job chat for you and your Provider to work out the details. It is recommended to use Enquiry when you are shopping around for the right Provider.

Of course! We really encourage this so that other Finders can do their best research. On completion of the job, just hit ‘Rate’.

We’re really happy to hear that. You absolutely can. Just go to Service Log > Closed Jobs > Swipe left on a job and hit ‘New Request’.

Yes, we understand that these things happen and Tooezy won’t penalise you. However, if it has already been scheduled, we recommend you check with your Provider if there is a cancellation fee.

Yep! Just check the job address is correct when you send a request.

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