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Tooezy is an Australian based company owned by Fixit Faster Pty ltd.

Tooezy is a platform and app that allows you to manage every aspect of your business from one place.

Depending on your business needs and requirements, our plans start from $25 per month, with a 2 week free trial. (See the pricing page for more details) To get a custom quote, schedule a demo so we can learn more about you!

Not at all! You can get started using just your computer. However, we recommend downloading the provider app here, to get the most out of Tooezy, and to give your customers the best experience possible.

You will need public liability insurance to join. If you are a sole trader and earn less than $75 000 per year, you don’t necessarily need an ABN.

If you are attached to one of our luxury buildings, you will need to be connected to Stripe to accept payment. If you are not connected to these buildings, you can accept payment any way you like.

We recommend you connect to Stripe, even if you’re not attached to the buildings, as this allows your customers to pay via the app, and pay using in app credits.

There are two ways to connect to Stripe with Tooezy, via the app, or via the web console:

If connecting via the web console: When you're viewing your page on the web, you will see the cog in the top right of the screen. If you click on this, then go to "account", then go to "payments", you'll see the option to connect.

If connecting via the app: When looking at your home screen on the app, click the three lines in the top left of your app. From here select "Settings" and then "Payments". You'll then see the option to connect to Stripe.

Yes. All subscriptions, unless specifically negotiated otherwise, are on a month to month basis. You can cancel at any time and your subscription will not renew the following month

Absolutely! Ongoing training and support is included in your subscription costs. You can get started on training today, by booking in a free demo to learn how to use our suite of tools. If you need any future training, you can book in a time via the web, or contact us via phone or email to schedule whatever training you need.

If you, or your customer, experience a technical issue within our platform, either on the web console or on the app, contact support straight away. We will have our technical team look at it ASAP and keep you updated with information and ETAs.

Yes. You can upgrade, or downgrade, your plan whenever you like. If you upgrade your plan it will be effective immediately, and if you downgrade your plan the change will come into effect at the end of your current billing period

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