Why we’re the perfect partner

We make it easy for you to broaden your services, entice new
customers, and generate extra revenue growth effortlessly.

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More Growth

Expand your business with the Tooezy partnership, harnessing network effects to cultivate complementary networks of offerings and services.
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Boost Your Reach

Leverage our reach, scalability, expertise, and reliability to broaden your customer base and identify new opportunities.
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Generate Extra Revenue

Leverage the network of Tooezy to create an extra revenue stream for your business.

Our partner program ensures a seamless integration for the best possible results

Our Implementation Partners

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How scalable is the solution for my business?

How scalable is the solution for my business?

'We’ve essentially got anything you can think of: gardeners to grazing platters, pool services to pest control, baby to puppy sitters and everything in between.'


The partner program looks different depending on what type of partner you are. You can become an affiliate partner, a co-branded partner, a white labelled partner, or another type of partner?

To get the answer that best suits you and your business, get in touch today by filling out the form below.

We look at our potential partners holistically, to ensure they are a good fit for Tooezy. This means all relevant information, such as insurances, licences and other documentation needs to be up-to-date, the potential partner needs to be able to offer value to Tooezy, and Tooezy needs to be able to offer value to our potential partner in return.

It also means that a potential partner has good, community based ratings and reviews if applicable.

Finally, any potential partner integration needs to be possible. While we would like to partner with as many companies as possible, it’s not always possible on a technical level.

Yes! Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a one man band, if you’re a good fit for us and we can work together and help each other, we want to hear from you!

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