A Plug & Play Service Marketplace For WE Wumbo

Written By

Ted Hodge

Published On

16 November 2023


Tooezy was approached by leading Australian Resident Lifestyle & Building Management platform WE Wumbo seeking a solution to an opportunity to provide home services, integrating into their existing technology stack, under the name Home Services.

The Tooezy engineering team presented a comprehensive solution to WE Wumbo, reducing the amount of development investment required from WE Wumbo to get to market quickly.

Tooezy Enterprise, a Marketplace-as-a-Service offering, allowed the flexibility required in achieving a complex integration that appeared native to the WE Wumbo application, without significant work on the client side. This materialised as a web-based react native pop-up of the Tooezy customer application within the WE Wumbo mobile app to give users an experience that felt natural.

During the process of integration, the Tooezy engineering team built shell test apps to simulate the client’s mobile application, in order to achieve an optimal outcome during the final integration. It was during the process of customisation of the Tooezy White-Label solution for our client, that a number of security and system interaction challenges were faced and overcome, including camera and document security, deep linking within the WE Wumbo native app to connect with the Tooezy pop-up, and vice-versa, enabling frictionless user navigation between the two.

In addition, the Tooezy team took special care to the following project considerations that required customisation:

  • Authentication (SSO) and user-management

  • Native to react web pop-up push notification triggers

  • Calendar syncing

  • Customising service provider selection to specific WE Wumbo buildings

  • Customising payment stack

  • Credits and voucher offerings

“It’s very satisfying to see the integration live in production and being used daily, the feedback from users has been great, as an engineering team you cannot hope for more than that. It just shows how flexible our team can be in reacting to different project requirements.” said Michael Melhem, CTO of Tooezy.

In total the process of integration took 6 weeks, and launched successfully in August 2023.